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Playful Couples is Florida’s largest non commercial adult lifestyle sanctuary with over 10,000 square feet of pure “on-premise” luxury. Playful Couples is the premiere playground for sexy couples and select singles that are like minded and understand an alternative lifestyle. Playful Couples gives you the freedom to express yourself in your sexiest attitude and attire. Although known as a “Swingers Club” many of our members come to PlayfulCouples to enjoy an atmosphere without the hassles or costs found at commercial swinger clubs and nightclubs.  Single Guys Donate 60   We party Fri and Sat night only! All singles welcome- Couples Donate  30  Single Ladies 20 We meet at 2100 trotter road largo fl 33774  ph 727-515-4433 
Clothing Optional Retreat  and Nightclub Setting 
Celebrating The Freedom To Express 
Social Nudism - Sensual Tantra - Erotic Fetish Play 
Friendly Staff - Safe Clean Upscale Accomodations
Featuring Swimming Pool and Showers 
•Private and Semi-Private Play Rooms 
•Erotic Fetish & SM Dungeon 
•An Exotic and Beautiful Romantic Getaway
private rooms available 
(call 727-515-4433  for info & availability)  
We meet at different locations email for info with you Name &Your Parterners name Date of Births and an email address in your names. 
We only party Fri and Sat night sarts at 8pm-3am!
For more information please contact us at 727-515-4433

Fri Dec 2 Orgy Night!
 Fri Dec 9 Lingerie Party 
Dec 10 Bare as You Dare
Fri Dec 16 Bi Ladiies Night
Sat Dec 17 Naughty Christmas Party
Fri Dec 23 Short Skirt party
Sat Dec 24 Naughty Christmas Eve Party!
Playful Couples, Florida's longest standing swingers house party caters to adventurous and open-minded couples, as well as to select single males and sexy single females. We offer a little something for everyone, including our various theme party nights. Many of our guests choose to come in costume while others prefer to blend in. Whatever your particular preference, feel free to mingle with other club-goers and get to know our regulars. Couples and single females may attend nightly events at Playful Couples while attendance by single gentlemen is limited. Swingers from all over the country travel hundreds of miles just to attend our outrageous parties.Our primary focus is on our sexy couples that attend, a philosophy which we consistently put into action.

Dress Code Is Strictly Enforced: Casual By Day, Club Attire By Night!

Playful Couples  is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle). We provide only the hottest and friendliest of volunteer staff to serve you as well as provide complimentary mixers for all your drinks.

Playful Couples reserves the right to DENY entry and/or membership.

Fetish Play Dungeon !!
Wet Wild and Sexy Fun
Fifty Shades of Kink
  Friendly Clientele
Erotic Players Available 
Live Your Wildest Fantasies 
Fully Equipped Theme Rooms
For more information please contact us at 727-515-4433 
                                                                                                 2100 trotter road largo fl 33774  ph 727-515-4433 
Please Join Our Forum

 We have been hosting parties  for over 16 years  Wed Fri Sat Party  call for directions.  
ANew visitors must sign a privacy agreement with photo ID to attend.  21up only.
Ph 727-515-4433 
We are a registered non profit and accept donations, also accept money orders to the red cross WE HAVE RAISED MORE MONEY FOR CHARITY THAN ANY LIFESTYLE PLACE or Swinger Club IN THE WORLD! 
Playful Couples feels like a combination of 'girls gone wild' and frat house party and swingers event. It's a rollicking good time, with very little inhibition in the room, a young and fun loving crowd and a lot of music and games. 
  Couples and single women make up most of the crowd, though single males are welcome, but on a very restricted basis. 

Fellowship meetings are open to all who believe in sexual freedom and are open to all religions and faiths        Promoting positive intimacy & sexuality including responsible nonmonogamy or polyamory   . 
                Promoting intimacy & other-centered, loving sexuality. 
                    Swinger Clubs Online-see yahoo groups listed below.            
We offer the friendliest Socials and the most exciting, erotic interactive Action Theme Parties in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Curious and experienced lifestyle couples, single females and select single guys are welcome 
donations are tax deductible!
 FRI AND SAT NIGHT ONLY!. All Parties start at 8pm-? The parties are not a commercial business or Just a swinger club. We are real lifestyle parties by and for real lifestyle couples and singles. Guests must sign privacy agreement and produce photo ID We are a Non profit fellowship for people that believe in sexual freedom. 
 Playful Couples is a registered non profit   
       phone 727-515-4433

They are open to all who believe in sexual freedom and are open to all religions and faiths.
Promoting positive intimacy & sexuality including responsible nonmonogamy or polyamory . 
Promoting intimacy & other-centered, loving sexuality. All Playful Couples Party/fellowship attendees may be asked to leave at any time for any reason at the discretion of the party hosts. We also accept money orders made out to : American Red Cross 
for Directions call 727-515-4433 
Playful Couples Parties are located near these Florida  cities Tampa Largo Clearwater St Pete Sarasota Bradenton New Port Richey Tarpon Springs Land of Lakes Brandon Lakeland Treasure Island Orlando Brandon  



Swinger party Etiquette Before attending a swinger party

 A couple must learn some etiquette and basic rules first.
This is a small guide for new swinger couples. 

New swinger couple arriving! Since you're the newbies you need to keep this in mind:swinging is for open-minded couples, it wont be viewed favorably if one partner leaves early and the other stays, the majority of time, if one goes, both go remember you and your mate are trying to become a swinger couple not two single swingers. 

The swinger party won't last forever Arrive early or alt least on time. Its not fashionable to turn up late to parties, as the night may have already got underway, and may it be people who have already began feel awkward walking in late, it may also be harder for others to fit in. 
If you're arriving late give the party host a ring and check with them, they may update him/her on how the night is going so he/she may walk straight into it. Be polite The swinging lifestyle is full of insecurities and uncertainties. You should 
behave as a real swinger couple
As the saying goes , treat people in the way you want to be treated, sensitively,
thoughtfully, understandingly. 

In swinger parties if you're not friendly you're out Be friendly with every one, even when not wanting to take it further with them, there should be other things in common, or they may start introducing people. Many swingers don't swap or have intercourse with other couples but after going to two or more parties. 

As any person, swingers like gifts Phone the party host and ask them if there’s any thing they're needing , always arrive with something for the hosts. 

Pack what ever may be needed, toothbrush, comb, perfume/aftershave, Condoms, robe etc. Neat casual clothing and good grooming Always take a robe or negligee, it may be more comfortable as the evening progresses.

 Health and hygiene In a swinger party you should interact in many different ways with other swinger couples. The main thing that may turn the potential partners off may be bad breath or body odor. Have a shower before leaving for the party. Only do what is really fun. The whole idea is to enjoy one self, that’s why the lifestyle and its parties exist. 

How and why to say no The most 
basic and important in swinger party etiquette 
is the right to say no. A simple and polite No, thanks, is all that is required. There's no need to explain, as this may cause problems and hurt. Do not be afraid to say no, every one has the right, and if someone does end up doing things he/she doesn't want to it may cause more ill-felling and embarrassment. 

Do not be pushy If one fancies swinging with someone let them know in a nice, inviting way, if they say no, it is up to them. Do not ask them why, as this could be embarrassing and hurtful. If they decide not to swing with you, do not carry on and try to sweet talk them and flirt with them, as this may do a lot more harm than good. 

Alcohol Most people like a few drinks at a party, drinking socially is fine, it may provide a good social platform to get to know other swingers, it may also help anyone relax. Overindulging is not a good thing though, as it may hinder for physical and mental performance, and is a turn off for many people. If anyone need to drink heavily to participate in the party this isn't the lifestyle for his/her.

 Practice safe sex It is up to every swinger to protect his/her self and his/her partner. The use of condoms should not offend any one, it is not saying one is dirty, it is simple a means to protect all swingers involved. Anyone not willing to use a condom is selfish and irresponsible.

 How ever, saying that, if all participating people are happy not to, it may be down to discretion. 

Do not take someone to a swinger party who is not fully informed. 

This is an obvious one, don't take any one to a swinger party who doesn't’t know what there going to, it is very embarrassment for every one, and probably may cause problems. 

Do not take a ticket to a swinger’s party A ticket is someone who goes with another person to the party just to get a third one in, but has no intention swinging, of course no one HAS to swing, but if one person swings, it is normally expected that the other one is willing to swing. 

The group room is for group swinging As the name suggests, the group room is for group swinging, if any wants privacy do not go to the group room, if one take a partner with him/her into the swinging room they may expect others to ask to join them , obviously still there's the right to refuse. 

Do not disturb the swinging enjoyment of others If in a bedroom or the group room, do not disturb the swinging of others with prolonged talk. 
This may be very mood-destroying and very annoying!

 If a party is BYO, only drink what you bring BYO, also known as BYOB (bring your own booze), only drink what you bring, unless under permission from others. 

Enjoy yourself Probably the most important one, approach every thing with an open mind and positive attitude, act out your fantasies, and enjoy your self.

 Call to say thanks Always call or write to say thanks, for one thing it may get anyone invited again, and it may let the hosts know that they provided a good party.If you follow this suggestion you'll always be well received in a swinger party. 

For more information please contact us at 727-515-4433

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